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Why do carrots give me hiccups?

Why do carrots give me hiccups when I eat them?


Do you get hiccups when you eat carrots?

For some, this can be a problem that arises when carrots are present in a meal.

Learning more about carrots will help answer the question as to why carrots give you hiccups.

The History of Carrots

Believe it or not, carrots were once white.

Ages ago, they were only grown to harvest the leaves and seeds, not unusual considering they are related to parsley and coriander, even though distantly.

Parsley and coriander are both grown for using the leaves and seeds.

So, where did that orange hue come from?

Why do carrots give me hiccups when I eat them

Chemical compounds that are responsible for the carrot’s notorious orange color come from carotenoids.

These are used by plants that grow above ground to help with photosynthesis.

Carrots grow underground like their subterranean relatives, the turnip and the parsnip.

Looking at where they originated, which is what is known today as Afghanistan and Iran, carrots have more genes than humans.

There are two recessive ones that create more carotenoids.

It is believed that early farmers accidentally grew colorful carrots and then continued it on purpose to make them distinctive from the ones growing wild.

Over 1,000 years ago, purple varieties emerged, followed by yellow ones.

Another 600 years later, due to selective breeding, the orange color from loads of beta carotene is now the most common carrot option.

Is It Normal for Carrots to Cause Hiccups?

Is It Normal for Carrots to Cause Hiccups

If you hiccup after eating carrots, you can take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone.

Hiccups are caused by your diaphragm when it has involuntary spasms.

As it is a muscle that resides between your lungs and stomach, you may find hiccups come into play after eating.

There’s no mystery here, but rather, science.

The most common reason behind hiccups is due to eating something too quickly.

This occurs because your stomach gets bloated with food.

When that happens, it rubs the diaphragm and then causes sudden contractions.

But why do hiccups seem to happen more often than not after consuming carrots?

Certain foods have the potential to set those hiccups off.

Among them, spicy and hot foods top the list.

Also, carbonated drinks such as soda or beer can bring on hiccups.

And yes, raw carrots can too. But this is also the case for other raw vegetables.

Unfortunately, there is no staunch scientific evidence, though it is believed that when eating raw carrots, that extra crunch is to blame.

All that crunching and munching causes you to swallow down more air when you eat carrots.

This brings more air into the diaphragm with every bite.

Is It Bad When Carrots Cause Hiccups?

Is It Bad When Carrots Cause Hiccups

There is nothing to worry about when you notice you’ve got hiccups after eating carrots.

It is very common to have hiccups.

They should go away on their own or after you gulp down some water.

You should only be concerned about hiccups if they continue for over 24 hours.

This may reveal a deeper problem that needs to be examined by a medical professional.

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Can I Prevent Hiccups from Eating Carrots?

You can certainly try to prevent hiccups from happening to you when you eat carrots.

One of the most important things you can do with carrots as well as any food you eat, is to chew thoroughly before you swallow.

By chewing well, you reduce the amount of air you’ll swallow.

Another way is to pair your raw carrots with something to help it make its way down your throat and through your digestive system with less disruption.

Consider dipping it in a dressing or hummus, which will add more flavor and texture to this healthy, crunchy snack.

Carrots don’t seem to cause the kind of hiccup uproar they have a reputation for when you cook them.

That’s another way to enjoy them, which will soften them up.

True, they won’t have that signature crunch, they can give you more nutrition.

Boiling carrots makes it easier for your body to intake that beta carotene and convert it to vitamin A.

Vitamin A is wonderful for boosting your immunity, protecting your vision, and having that healthy, glowing skin.

Make sure you season them with some fresh herbs to really add more nutrition along with flavor.

Extra virgin olive oil, along with thyme, salt, and pepper, will do the trick while supplying healthy fats to help your body absorb more of the vitamins it needs.

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How to Get Rid of Hiccups from Carrots

While it seems that carrots aren’t the only culprit for hiccups, they are the most commonly noted since they are a great healthy snack that is easy to get anywhere.

However, when you get hiccups from carrots or other raw veggies, grabbing a paper bag may help.

Breathing into the bag increase the carbon dioxide levels in your lungs.

This may cause the diaphragm to relax.

If you don’t have a paper bag, you can hold your breath for the same effect until the hiccups disappear.

Don’t be afraid of eating carrots for fear of hiccups.

They’re a great source of nutrition and a low-carb way to shovel more hummus into your mouth.

Eaten this way, it may reduce the air you gulp while eating them and can serve to help you feel fuller for longer so you won’t be inclined to reach for junk food.

Should hiccups strike, simply fit them by holding your breath, using a brown paper bag, or having some more water to wash them down?

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