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Petai (Stink) Beans (Parkia Speciosa): Benefits, Nutrition Facts, Side Effects

Petai beans (scientific name – Parkia speciosa), also known as stink bean, is a plant indigenous to Southeast Asia. They belong to the family Fabaceae, alongside soybeans, garden peas, peanuts...

Sodium Metabisulfite – Side Effects (Allergy) & Uses In Food (Wine)

Sodium metabisulfite is an organic salt that is typically used in the healthcare and food industries. As a food additive, it is known as E223 and considered to have antioxidant properties. Preservatives are...

11 Famous People With Acromegaly & Gigantism

Acromegaly is the clinical syndrome that results from excessive secretion of growth hormone. It is a very rare condition. According to statistics, approximately 2 new cases of acromegaly occur for every...

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