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Yes, There’s a Difference Between Left and Right Twix

Difference between left and right Twix:


If you love chocolate candy bars, perhaps Twix is a favorite choice for you.

The sweetness of chocolate paired with a cookie and caramel is a combination that is hard to beat.

While there are many brands of chocolate bars, each delicious in their own right, Twix has a huge following among adults and children alike.

For children, it is the quintessential item in that Halloween candy haul.

Parents, too, will paw through that stash of collected treats.

Sure, it’s about checking in the name of safety.

It’s also about snatching a few of those coveted Twix candy bars to enjoy yourself.

While Twix gives the public what it needs with a cookie made better with the addition of caramel and chocolate, it created a buzz by creating a left and right Twix, daring consumers to choose their favorite.

Can you taste the difference?

What is Twix?

Difference between left and right Twix


Twix is a candy bar that uses a shortbread cookie base that is topped with chocolate and caramel.

What makes it remarkable is that it comes with 2 sticks inside its aluminum-style wrapper.

It was invented in 1967, a product of the Mars company.

While it was first sold in the UK as ‘Raider,’ it eventually made it to the US in 1979, where it became known as ‘Twix.’

It is believed that this name came from combining the words ‘twin’ and ‘mix’ or quite possibly ‘stix.’

Now Twix can be found worldwide in its original flavor as well as other versions.

Roughly a decade ago, the makers of Twix devised a marketing campaign between left vs right Twix.

Many people wonder what the difference is between them, or if it’s all just a matter of different labels.

Left vs. Right Twix

Differences Between the Twix Bars


In the US, the left vs right Twix options are incredibly popular.

Mars introduced this as a marketing strategy in 2012.

They invited customers to see which one was better with left vs right Twix.

The campaigns still run today, though if you’ve ever been curious about what makes them different, besides the packaging, then keep reading!

About the Right Twix

When you buy a Right Twix, you’ll see it is covered it has a crunchy cookie inside with caramel and chocolate covering the whole thing. But this may not look anything different to you at first.

Take a bite, though, and you’ll find that it was less caramel compared to Left Twix.

Break it open or bite off the caramel, and the cookie runs a bit darker in the center.

On the label, it’s easy to tell since it is marked with “Right Twix” on there.

About the Left Twix

What’s different between the left vs right Twix?

With the Left Twix, you get more caramel.

The cookie is also a bit lighter, absorbing this caramel better.

You’ll see the label is, of course, different too, but this way of combining the same ingredients is different.

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Differences Between the Twix Bars

In order to spot the differences, let’s point out what is the same with left vs right Twix.

Obviously, both are made by the Mars Company and are chocolate bars.

They also have similar ingredients. But the differences make them stand out.

With Right Twix, there is a crunchy cookie that is drizzled with caramel and encased completely in chocolate.

It has a sweet, chocolaty, caramel, crunchiness to it.

The Left Twix has a crispier cookie with more caramel, all of which is covered in chocolate.

So the left side is crispy, crunchy, and more generous with the caramel.

While you might not notice the differences in the cookies unless you bite off the caramel on top of your left vs right Twix to see the darker cookie in the Left Twix version, now you may notice the caramel.

That Left Twix has an additional layer of caramel, and the cookie is a bit lighter.

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Should You Choose Left or Right Twix?

If you love that caramel the most in a Twix candy bar, you should certainly buy the Left Twix. But if you value the cookie part more, you may want to choose Right Twix.

However, should you unabashedly love Twix no matter what, you should just buy both sides and enjoy the sweet, chocolate, cookie, and caramel treat with every bite.

Some people argue that they can’t tell any difference at all, even when eating both sides together.

It’s pretty evenly split among the sides with left vs right Twix.

That begs the question…should it even matter?

When you think about it, it is a pretty clever marketing tactic.

You’ll have more people buying your product with new labels that distinguish it by sides.

Some of those people will argue for one side while others will argue against it.

But true Twix lovers will find a way to love them both, and eat them both as a snack when that craving for something sweet strikes.

Besides, left vs right, we can all agree on one thing…that Twix is one of the best candy bars of all time.

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