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How Many M&Ms In A Bag?

How many M&Ms are in a bag?


Whether you buy a bag of M&Ms at the supermarket or you fill a bag of your own at a candy shop, you may want to know how many M&Ms are in a bag?

It’s one of those things you think of as you pop these satisfying candies into your mouth.

It also tends to come up when the prize is a bag of M&Ms if you can correctly guess the number of candy pieces it contains.

What are M&Ms?How Many M&Ms In A Bags

M&Ms are those button-sized chocolate candies marked with an “m” on top of the hard candy-coated exterior.

They come in an array of colors that include red, yellow, green, blue, and brown, though seasonal offerings are also available in even more colors.

Plus, you can also order M&Ms in any colors you like.

The chocolate interior is semi-sweet.

These originated in the US in 1941, a concept that helped the soldiers to carry chocolate through warm climates without it melting into a pool of chocolatey goo.

These days, M&Ms come in a variety of options, including peanut, almond, pretzel, dark chocolate, caramel, and crispy.

How to Find Out the Number of M&Ms in a BagHow Many M&Ms In A Bags

According to Mars Incorporated, the company that makes M&Ms, if you buy a 7-ounce bag of M&Ms, you will find roughly 210 pieces in that bag.

M&Ms go by weight, so this number may vary from bag to bag.

If you choose an individual bag from the checkout line at the store, which holds 1.59 ounces, you’ll find 30 to 35 M&Ms in the bag.

With bulk bags like the 5-pound bag of M&Ms, you’ll find around 2,500 pieces.

For a 10-pound bag, that’s about 5,000 candies.

Basically, it all depends on the weight of the bag.

If you can calculate the weight of your bag, then you can estimate how many M&Ms will be in your bag.

At a candy shop, you can use the scale and know!

However, these estimates are for plain M&Ms.

You can achieve the same for other varieties of M&Ms, such as peanuts, to find that number.

M&Ms characteristicsHow Many M&Ms In A Bags

M&Ms are packaged by weight into the bags.

This is because there will be a bit of variability between each piece of these candies.

The size, shape, and mass of each one vary slightly.

While there is quality control, and those variants will be small, it will affect the number you attempt to calculate.

The Number of M&Ms in Different ContainersHow Many M&Ms In A Bags

It’s easy to weigh a bag and calculate how many M&Ms you have in there. But what about other vessels?

If you have a mason jar, for example, you may wonder how many M&Ms could fit into it.

Choosing a mason jar that is 16 ounces or a pint in size, you will have around 509 M&Ms.

Double the size to 32 ounces or a quart, and you’ll double the amount at about 1,019.

What about a 62-ounce container?

You can calculate the volume by measuring the size of an M&M and getting its approximate volume while also doing the same for the jar.

Accounting for the spacing in the jar, once it is full, you will have somewhere near 1,975 M&Ms in a jar or container of this size.

For 72 ounces, it will be about 2,275 M&Ms.

Measuring out M&Ms for a recipe?

You may wonder how many of them are in one cup.

As a cup is 8 ounces in volume, this will contain around 255 M&Ms. In ¾ cup, you have 6 ounces or 191 M&Ms.

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Going by WeightHow Many M&Ms In A Bags

One M&M weighs approximately 0.88 grams.

If you have one true serving of M&Ms, that should be 1.13 grams per person.

If you have an 8-ounce bag of M&Ms, you will have 244 M&Ms.

So, if you want to eat those M&Ms but want to watch how many calories you’re gobbling, how do you know what to do?


You’ll need to curb yourself at 23 M&Ms to stay at 100 calories.

Of course, that’s just an estimate, but for those trying to keep healthy, it helps to measure them out.

After all, it’s far too easy to eat more than your fair share of M&Ms since they’re so delicious.

What About Peanut M&Ms?How Many M&Ms In A Bags

Believe it or not, peanut M&Ms weigh less than plain M&Ms, but they are larger in size.

With a 1.59 bag of plain M&Ms, we estimate 56 pieces.

In a small bag of similar size for peanut M&Ms, that count is 48.

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A Final WordHow Many M&Ms In A Bags

M&Ms are a popular chocolate candy that everyone seems to adore.

They come in many varieties now, but many people are curious as to how many come in a bag.

The answer depends on the size of the bag you’re buying as well as the type of M&Ms you choose.

These calculations were based on plain M&Ms, the original flavor.

When trying to work that out, just remember that a pound of M&Ms or a 16-ounce container is about 509 M&Ms.

If you have an 8-ounce bag, it will be half that number.

If you have a 32-ounce bag or 2 pounds of M&Ms, you’re going to double that number.

Continue to do so until you have the appropriate number calculated.

However, the best part of M&Ms isn’t in the overthinking of how many you’re getting…it’s in eating them, so be sure to enjoy your chocolatey treat!

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