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Benefits of Using Herbal Teas for Natural Healing (And Pain Relief)

What are the benefits of using herbal teas for natural healing?


Many cultures around the world use herbs for natural healing. One of the more popular ways to use herbs for healing is through the use of herbal teas.

Herbal teas can be store-bought or homemade by steeping, herbs, flowers, and roots. Organic leaves, flowers, and roots have some healing benefits that are often comparable to some medicines.

In this article, we discuss the healing benefits of using herbal teas and two popular herbs used for making them.

Using Herbal Teas for Natural Healing

Herbs for making tea can be bought at a local health food store in their organic form or pre-packaged in tea bags. Herbal teas are made from herbs that are safe for digestion.

Not all herbs are able to be safely ingested. As not all herbs are meant to be digested, do your research in advance by speaking with your local health counselor or your fresh produce provider before attempting to make herbal teas at home.

Some people use herbal teas to supplement a healthy lifestyle and to reduce negative health effects. The herbs in some teas have healing qualities that are equivalent to over-the-counter and prescription medication.

Be sure to check with your primary care physician or other licensed medical professional if you’re considering herbal teas into your lifestyle. Let’s look at some of the following healing and medicinal benefits of herbal teas below.

Steep herbs, flowers, and roots to make herbal tea. Loose tea and other loose herbal blends can be steeped using a tea ball or similar tool. If you’re interested in making your own teas, you can normally find a wide variety of loose tea blends, bags, and other tea-making supplies at your local health food store or online.

Benefits of Drinking Herbal Teas

Reduce Inflammation

Herbal teas contain naturally occurring chemical compounds that can reduce inflammation in the body and joints resulting in pain relief in some areas.


The antioxidants that are naturally occurring in some teas contain agents that attack free radicals in the body that are responsible for premature aging of the skin.

Lower Blood Pressure

Leafy teas like green teas can help to reduce blood pressure and the amount of sugar in the blood resulting in improved blood flow and circulation.

Improve Skin Health

Many people see an improvement in skin health when they regularly consume herbal teas that contain antioxidants as a part of their diets.  

Herbal Teas for Healing, Relaxation, and Pain Relief

Chamomile Tea

This popular yellow-tinged tea has many healing benefits and qualities. Chamomile tea is known for aiding in the breakdown of fats and solids that help improve digestion.

Many people swear by this tea for relaxation and stress reduction. People with anxiety and stress disorders report calming benefits of drinking chamomile tea.

Green Tea

This green-colored tea is one of the most popular forms of herbal teas available today. Green Tea has shown substantial health benefits in lowering blood sugar, eliminating free-radicals by releasing antioxidants, and alleviating anxiety, stress, and acting as a mood booster. Many cultures promote drinking green tea daily.

Because green teas can also help with balancing dietary sugars, many people use green teas as a part of their daily diet for weight management.

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