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15 Famous People With Autism (Jerry Seinfeld?)

15 Famous People With Autism (Jerry Seinfeld?)

Autism is part of a group of diseases called autistic spectrum disorders, that includes four other disorders:

  • pervasive developmental disorder;
  • Rett syndrome, a non-inherited genetic postnatal neurological disorder which occurs almost exclusively in girls;
  • childhood disintegrative disorder (also known as Heller’s syndrome), which is characterized by 2 to 4 years of normal development followed by the onset of autistic symptoms;
  • Asperger’s syndrome, a developmental disorder that is characterized by significant difficulties in nonverbal communication and social interaction.


Autism appears to be triggered by a number of different circumstances — including biologic, environmental, and genetic factors.

The disorder occurs more often in boys than in girls, with a 4 to 1 male-to-female ratio, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


The most common symptoms of autism are:

  • being aggressive toward self or toward other people;
  • lack of emotional or social exchanges like smiling, pointing, or showing you things;
  • restricted or fixated interests such as only discussing certain topics or playing with certain toys;
  • lack of non-verbal communication like shaking head and nodding;
  • strongly reacting to sensory input like pain, sound, or textures;
  • repetitive movements, speech, or use of objects, like flapping hands, rolling wheels before eyes, or toe walking;
  • difficulty in maintaining and developing relationships appropriate to the age, like peer play;
  • becoming distressed at changes;
  • excessively following patterns, routines, or behavior;
  • loss of language skills at any age;
  • lack of eye contact when speaking;
  • delayed understanding of speech;
  • delayed expressed speech.

List Of 15 Famous People With Autism:

#1 Deborah Berger

She was an American artist who was best known for her oeuvre of brightly colored textile works created in crochet and knitting.

At a young age, Deborah was diagnosed with autism.

As an adult, she was high-functioning enough to live on her own and keep an apartment in New Orleans, however, she never held a regular job.

#2 Courtney Love

She is an American musician, songwriter, and actress.

Love had a turbulent childhood: her parents divorced when she was young and underwent a custody battle.

In addition, when she was a young girl, Courtney was diagnosed as “mildly autistic.” 

#3 Daniel Tammet

He is an English essayist, poet, translator, novelist, and autistic savant.

Daniel was featured in a documentary film called The Boy with the Incredible Brain.

Tammet is a high functioning autistic savant.

He also suffered from seizures as a child.

#4 Daryl Hannah

Hannah is an American actress who has numerous different roles under her belt, from that of an assassin in the two ”Kill Bill” films to a mermaid in ”Splash.”

Her insomnia led her to become infatuated with film.

Daryl Hannah has been coping with autism since she was a child.

She says that in her youth, doctors wanted to institutionalize her.

#5 Govy

She is best known for the series of Shibari installations “Serial Bondage” that incorporates her peculiar fascination with Japanese aesthetics and ritual as well as for the interactive art piece “Photographic Diary” in which she took a series of photographs every day during a year.

In 2013, Govy was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum.

Currently, she is an advocate for the Neurodiversity Movement.

#6 Jason McElwain

He is an American high-functioning autistic amateur athlete, in both marathon and basketball, and public speaker.

#7 Jerry Seinfeld

He is an American stand-up comedian, writer, producer, actor, and director who is best known for playing himself in Seinfeld, an American television sitcom that ran for nine seasons on NBC.

Seinfeld told Brian Williams on NBC’s Nightly News in 2014:

“I think, on a very drawn-out scale, I think I’m on the spectrum. Basic social engagement is really a struggle.”

Seinfeld later added:

”I’m very literal, when people talk to me and they use expressions, sometimes I don’t know what they’re saying. But I don’t see it as dysfunctional, I just think of it as an alternate mindset.”

#8 Patrick Francis

He is an Australian athlete, artist, and author who is best known as the co-founder of Absolutely Awetistic Arts and for his colorful depictions of contemporary Melbourne life.

Patrick Francis promotes positive awareness of intellectual disability, autism, and multiculturalism through art exhibitions, tea towels, greeting cards, slideshows, paintings, prints, books, and products.

#9 Temple Grandin

She is a consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior, American professor of animal science at Colorado State University, and autism spokesperson.

Temple Grandin was diagnosed with autism in her 40’s.

#10 Julian Martin

He is an Australian artist, known mainly for his self-portraits and pastel drawings.

Julian was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 and was supported by his parents, who claimed that his diagnosis had ‘cemented’ their family.

Moreover, Julian Martin attended a program for special-needs children, however, he did not start making art until about the age of 10.

#11 Matthew Labyorteaux

He is an American television, film, and voice actor.

Labyorteaux may be best known as the voice of Jaden Yuki in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX from 2005–08 as well as for portraying Albert Quinn Ingalls on “Little House on the Prairie” from 1978–83.  

 Matthew Labyorteaux was diagnosed with autism and he didn’t walk until he was 3 and did not start talking until he was 5.

#12 John Elder Robison

He is the author of the 2007 memoir Look Me in the Eye, detailing his life with savant abilities and undiagnosed Asperger syndrome.

#13 Tim Burton

He is a director, producer, and screenwriter who is best known for films such as Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice, that blend themes of horror and fantasy.

“You start recognizing the signs. We were watching a documentary about autism and he said that was how he felt as a child,” said Tim Burton’s long-time partner, Helena Bonham-Carter.

#14 Thomas A. McKean

He is an American autistic lecturer, poet, author, singer-songwriter, and international speaker.

Thomas A. McKean is the author of Light On the Horizon: A Deeper View From Inside the Autism Puzzle and Soon Will Come the Light: A View From Inside the Autism Puzzle.

Thomas is a celebrity among the autism community for his dedication to families and individuals affected by pervasive developmental disorders.

He was diagnosed with autism in 1979 when he was 14 years old. Also, McKean was institutionalized in a psychiatric facility for 2 years.

#15 Kim Miller

She is an American artist who was diagnosed with “classic” autism in 1991.

Kim Miller began creating artwork at the age of 3 1/2 years old before she could functionally speak.