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How many Pop-Tarts in a box?

How many Pop-Tarts are in a box?


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and what better way to start your day than a sweet, flaky, buttery, iced treat served steaming hot, in the form of a Pop-Tart?

While everybody has their own unique idea of what makes the perfect breakfast, for many across the US and across countless other parts of the world as well, Pop-Tarts are certainly up there in terms of popularity.

Pop Tarts are a great breakfast food as they’re quick and easy to prepare, they’re convenient, they taste great, and in all honesty, they’re not that high in calories either.

Like any food, however, it always pays to know your portion sizes.

But what exactly are Pop-Tarts, and how many Pop-Tarts in a box?

Read on to find out.

What are Pop-Tarts?

Pop-Tarts are a brand of toaster pastry made by Kellogg’s that has been around since 1964.

Pop-Tarts are made up of a sweet filling in a variety of different flavors, sandwiched between two thin layers of pastry crust in a rectangular shape, topped off with icing/frosting and sometimes other toppings such as sprinkles.

They come in a box and are sold in foil pouches containing two Pop-Tarts.

They are heated by either placing them into a toaster or oven baking until the filling inside goes soft and gooey and the pastry is hot, flaky, and crispy.

They are already pre-cooked, so consumers can eat them as sold if they wish, but the general consensus is that they taste far better after being heated up.

A brief history of Pop-Tarts 

We’ll get to how many Pop-Tarts are in a box a little later on. For now, however, we’re going first to learn more about this delicious pastry snack that can be consumed at any time, though they are synonymous with breakfast time.

With Pop-Tarts quickly closing in on their 60th birthday, here’s a brief look at the history of Pop-Tarts.

Back in the early 1960s, Kellogg was dominating the breakfast cereal market, and in 1963 Kellogg Fruit Loops were an American breakfast staple.

Kellogg’s main rival was a company known as ‘Post.’

Post designed a way of helpin to keep fruit flings fresh, without the need to be refrigerated.

They wanted a “healthy” breakfast for children that was quick and easy to eat in a morning, so they created ‘Country Squares.’

Post announced this new breakfast snack kept in a foil pack like astronaut food before it even hit the shelves.

Now Kellogg had an idea, and they took it and ran with it, developing a pastry that would be stored down the baking aisle in grocery stores, rather than with the cereals.

Kellogg was already hugely popular with kids thanks to its branding, which featured popular cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny and Woody Woodpecker.

They also wanted to appeal to adults, so in honor of Pop Artist Andy Warhol, they named them Pop-Tarts.

Initially, flavors consisted of strawberry, blueberry, apple-currant, and brown sugar cinnamon.

Early Pop-Tarts weren’t actually frosted because the frosting would melt off in the toaster when they were heated up, which could cause a fire.

In 1967, Kellogg created a frosted version of Pop-Tarts that wouldn’t melt in the toaster.

Over the years, more flavors would be released, along with other related products, and the rest is history.

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Things to know about Pop-Tarts

While everybody surely knows about Pop-Tarts, these breakfast/snack staples actually have quite the backstory to them.

We now know the basic history of Pop-Tarts, but in this section, we’re going to share several fun facts about them that you probably weren’t aware of.

Pop-Tarts once had a different name.

While everybody knows what Pop-Tarts are today, even if they’ve never tasted one for themselves, you may be interested to learn that Pop-Tarts once went by a different name.

They were, in fact, initially known as Fruit Scones, though after the popularity of Andy Warhol’s Pop Art movement, they were renamed Pop-Tarts in 1967.

There was once a Pop-Tart shortage.

As hard to believe as it may be, the United States did, in fact, nearly run out of Pop-Tarts in 1964.

Kellogg vastly underestimated how popular their new toaster treat would be, and so the first shipment that hit store shelves sold out in just two weeks.

Kellogg was forced to issue a statement under the headline ‘Oops! We Goofed (will you excuse us, please?)’ By apologizing to the millions of hungry Americans desperate for their first Pop-Tart fix.

Frosted brown sugar cinnamon and frosted strawberry are best-sellers

While there are heaps of Pop-Tart flavors such as chocolate and birthday cake, according to Kellogg, the two best-selling flavors of Pop-Tart are frosted strawberry and frosted brown sugar cinnamon.

Billions of Pop-Tarts are sold each year.

While we know Pop-Tarts are popular, did you know just how popular they are?

If not, prepare to have your minds blown!

Each year, Kellogg sells more than 2 billion Pop-Tarts all over the globe.

There was once Pop Tarts cereal

Pop-Tarts are synonymous with breakfast time, and looking to capitalize on that, Kellogg would develop Pop-Tart cereal.

The cereal was popular at first, but sales started to drop off, and soon the cereal was halted.

Pop-Tarts were once used by the military as a goodwill gesture

In 2001, the US Air Force dropped Pop-Tarts, and Herb Rice on Afghanistan t help promote peace and goodwill.

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How many Pop-Tarts in a box?

If you’ve ever wondered how many Pop-Tarts are actually in a box, then wonder no more because a standard box contains 4 foil packs of 2 Pop-Tarts, taking the total to 8.

A large catering size box of Pop-Tarts, however, contains 8 boxes of 8 pastries, for a total of 64 Pop-Tarts.

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I swear I remember that in the 70's pop tarts were only 6 to a box, thicker and tasted so much better than today