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How many Gummy Bears in a bag?

How many Gummy Bears are in a bag?


Ever notice how some days you’ll find yourself craving chocolate, other days you’ll crave pizza, and other days you’ll have a raging sweet tooth that can only be satisfied by candy?

If so, then don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone.

Candy is incredibly popular, extremely delicious, and comes in a whole bunch of different varieties.

Without question, gummy bears are up there in terms of staying power and popularity, so it’s easy to understand why they’re one of the nation’s favorite sweet treats.

Gummy bears are small, bear-shaped gummy candies in a variety of different colors and a variety of different flavors.

Typically, these bears are gelatine-based and come in a variety of different sweet and fruity flavors.

While you’ve almost certainly eaten a gummy bear or two in your life, you probably weren’t aware of the rich and storied history these delicious bears have behind them.

If you’ve ever wondered how many gummy bears in a bag, and other fun facts, the following is for you.

To help you learn more, here’s a look at several interesting facts about gummy bears that you probably weren’t aware of.

How Haribo came about

While there are many different confectionary companies that make gummy bears, Haribo are generally considered the best known of all.

In 1920, a German from Bonn by the name of Hans Riegel, working as a confectioner, grew sick and tired of making somebody else rich.

While he was working, he began experimenting to make his own confectionary.

He created a soft and chewy candy and decided to set up his own business, which he named after himself as well as his hometown.

He called the business Haribo (Hans Riegel for his name, and Bonn after his hometown).

Gummy Bears used to be called ‘Dancing Bears’

Initially, after Hans had created the delicious, chewy, gummy, candy, he needed a way to market it and make it stand out.

He wanted to appeal to children knowing how much they enjoyed soft and chewy sweet treats.

He also knew kids loved teddy bears and so he decided to create tiny bear figures out of the fruit gum and called them dancing bears.

Eventually, they would become known as ‘gold bears’, which are synonymous with the Haribo brand.

Gummy Bears even had their own cartoon

So popular are these bear-shaped candies that they even had their own cartoon back in the day.

In the 1980s, a cartoon by the name of ‘Adventures of the Gummi Bears’ first premiered on NBC in 1985.

The show wasn’t a flop either. It drew impressive numbers and ran until 1991.

This was Disney’s first animated TV series on a major scale, and it helped drive up gummy bear sales for Haribo, as well as other rival confectionery brands too.

Gummy Bears are great party foods

Not only are these bears fantastic to tuck into when you’re at the movies, but they’re also great for parties.

Gummy Bear shots and Gummy Bear vodka is popular amongst teens, young adults, and partygoers.

The candy bears are basically placed into a large bowl and soaked in vodka/rum/tequila or any other spirit and are left to absorb the alcohol and flavor the booze as well.

The end result is that the bears absorb the booze, so you end up with boozy, fruity, gummy snacks that taste great and also give you one heck of a buzz as well.

Needless to say, these types of Gummy Bears are for adults only.

You can purchase giant Gummy Bears

What’s better than heaps of little Gummy Bears? How about one giant Gummy Bear instead?

Very much a novelty item, you can, in fact, purchase a giant 26-pound Gummy Bear packed full of flavor, as well as its own serving bowl inside.

This sweet treat contains a whopping 32,000 calories, so it’s certainly best enjoyed as a cheat meal.

Bears went to war with worms

It wasn’t until 1982 that Haribo finally made its way to the USA, along with their hugely popular gummy bears.

The first Haribo in the US opened in Baltimore, MD, though gummy bears didn’t prove as popular in the US as they had in Europe.

Why? Mainly because of the fact that in 1981, another German confectioner by the name of Trolli, had introduced the Gummy Worm, which is another hugely popular gummy treat.

Eventually, gummy bears fought back and grew in popularity, though some candy lovers remained loyal to the worms.

In this day and age, why can’t bears and worms just get along?

Gummy Bears are deliberately flavored differently

One thing you’ll notice about Gummy Bears is the fact that looks can be deceiving.

Green Gummy Bears, for example, are not apple flavored at all, but rather, strawberry, which you would expect to be red.

Many expect yellow ones to be pineapple, when in fact, pineapple are white.

This is done deliberately to help make the gummies more unique and more exciting.

How many Gummy Bears are in a bag?

If you’ve ever wondered how many Gummy Bears are in a bag, then wonder no more, because all will now be revealed. Well, roughly.

Of course, the figure can vary slightly, but generally, you will get 200 Gummy Bears per pound.

As a bag contains 1.8 pounds of bears, this is roughly 380 gummy bears.

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You can purchase spicy Gummy Bears

As well as giant gummy bears, you can also purchase other novelty gummy bears, from various manufacturers.

One such example is the ‘world’s hottest gummy bear,’ which is called ‘Lil Nitro.’

This tiny gummy bear is sold individually, and while it doesn’t look like much, it does, in fact, pack quite the punch.

The bear has been infused with more than 9 million Scoville units of chili heat and is not to be taken lightly.

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