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10 Famous People With Gout

Famous People With Gout:


Gout is a common form of arthritis that can affect the elbow, hand, knee, ankle, foot, and toe.

The first symptoms typically are intense episodes of painful swelling in single joints, especially the big toe.

Gout attacks are caused by deposits of crystallized uric acid in the joint. An anti-inflammatory painkiller commonly eases an attack quickly. 

Sometimes gout can progress into a chronic condition, causing:

  • kidney stones;
  • tophi – solid lumps of urate crystals;
  • constant mild pain and inflammation of the affected joints.

Men are three to four times more likely to develop gout than women.

A number of risk factors are related to the development of gout, including:

  • long-standing kidney disease;
  • injury to a joint;
  • certain medicines, eg, diuretics;
  • high intake of foods rich in purines, like meats;
  • high alcohol intake;
  • obesity.

Centuries ago, gout was nicknamed the “rich man’s disease” or “king’s disease” because drinking alcohol and eating meat were known to bring on a gout flare-up.

List Of 10 Famous People With Gout

#1 Nostradamus

Nostradamus was a reputed French seer, physician, and astrologer, who is best known for his book Les Prophéties, which allegedly predicted future events. 

He suffered from gout and arthritis for the majority of his adult life. By 1566, his gout turned into edema.

#2 Maurice Cheeks

Cheeks is an American former professional basketball player who was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame as a player in 2018.

Maurice has served as head coach of the Detroit Pistons, Philadelphia 76ers, and Portland Trail Blazers.

He is currently an assistant coach for the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association.

During  the second annual National Gout Awareness Day, Cheeks said:

“If any of you ever had [gout], you would know you would try to do everything possible to try and prevent it.”  

#3 Napoleon III

Napoleon III was the first President of France from 1848 to 1852 and the last French monarch from 1852 to 1870. He is the nephew of Napoleon I.

He made the French merchant marine the second largest in the world, consolidated the French railway system, and modernized the French banking system.

Napoleon III walked slowly because of gout.

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#4 David Wells

Wells, nicknamed “Boomer,” is an American former Major League Baseball pitcher. David is currently the host of The Cheap Seats on and a broadcaster on MLB on TBS.

He is considered to be one of the game’s best left-handed pitchers. During an interview, David talked about his gout:

“I just kind of woke up one morning, stepped out of bed, took one stride toward the bathroom and ended up giving a high falsetto scream, like a six-year-girl, flopping to the floor, [and] grabbing my left big toe.”

#5 Paul Manafort

Manafort is an American former attorney, political consultant, and lobbyist. Paul is currently serving a prison sentence for federal financial crimes.

Apparently, he is suffering from gout, anxiety, and depression, while behind bars.

#6 Jared Leto

Leto is an American actor and singer-songwriter who first gained fame for his role as Jordan Catalano on the TV series ”My So-Called Life.” In 2012, Jared directed the documentary film Artifact. 

In 2007, the American actor had to gain 67lbs for his role as Mark Chapman in the 2007 movie – ”Chapter 27.” Leto told Guardian:

“Really, it’s a stupid thing to do. I got gout, and my cholesterol went up so fast in such a short time that my doctors wanted to put me on Lipitor, which is for much, much older people.”

Leto also said:

“I couldn’t walk for long distances; I had a wheelchair because it was so painful. My body was in shock from the amount of weight I gained.”

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#7 Matthias Corvinus

Corvinus was the King of Hungary and Croatia from 1458 to 1490. With his patronage, Hungary became the 1st country to embrace the Renaissance from Italy.

After March 1489, Matthias Corvinus could not walk due to gout.

#8 Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un is the Supreme Leader of North Korea since 2011. North Korean state media typically refers to him as Marshal Kim Jong-un, Dear Respected, or The Marshal.

According to reports, Kim Jong-un is suffering from chronic gout.

#9 Philip II of Spain

Philip II of Spain was King Of Spain from January 16, 1556, to September 13, 1598.

In addition, he was the King of England through his marriage to Mary Tudor for 4 years.

Philip II of Spain suffered a painful death, which involved dropsy, fever, and a severe attack of gout.

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#10 Harry Kewell

Kewell is an Australian former soccer player who was named Australia’s greatest footballer in 2012. Internationally, Harry has received 58 caps and scored 17 goals. During his career, Kewell played for Melbourne Heart, Al-Gharafa, Melbourne Victory, Galatasaray, Liverpool, and Leeds United.

He was also the manager of the English club Notts County (was sacked on November 13, 2018).

Scott Chipperfield, his former teammate, once said:

“He’s in a lot of pain, he can’t walk, he’s walking on crutches.”

Chipperfield went on to say:

“It was disappointing for us, because we could have done with him.”